The East-African Origin of The Ancient Egyptians

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We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who attended the presentation of “The East-African Origin of The Ancient Egyptians” in London on February 25th. It was an honor to share our groundbreaking discoveries on the survival of Ancient Egyptians in Eritrea and Ethiopia after 12 years of innovative research. The feedback and support we received were overwhelming, and we are thrilled to continue sharing our findings with the world.

In this project, known as TEAWETE, we provided countless proofs that can reshape our understanding of history. Although we deliberately did not use the scientific method to make our discoveries, we used modern innovative methods to rewrite world history. The incredible discoveries we made clearly show that East-Africans are descendants of the Ancient Egyptians and vice versa, which has the power to empower people around the world.

We invite you to spread the word about our research and stay tuned for future events where we can continue to share our groundbreaking research. Your enthusiasm, engagement, and support are truly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you all for attending the presentation, and we hope to meet you again soon. Stay tuned for an upcoming book where we will dive deeper into our research and findings.

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Team Teawete


Teawete is about

World History
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Our 2023 Speaker in London

Esayas  Gebremedhin

MA/ TED Speaker

“The people who tell you stop doing it, don’t know about the people who tell you: It’s genius keep doing it.

Esayas was born in Eritrea/ Ethiopia and grew up there. He was send by his parents to Germany with the age of ten. He has studied and graduated from three universities and works currently as a Design/ Innovation consultant.

He has a Master in Applied Imagination from the famous London University UAL, where he learned fresh tactics to create something new.

He has given talks at various conferences; including the University Applied Science in Cologne and at the TED conference.

Esayas was the founder of a social media platform called IWISH and has produced the first Eritrean comedy called Beles in Europe.

He is an independent thinker and has been researching the connection between his African people and the Ancient Egyptians for over 10 years.


Introduction and Moderation

Marymagdalene Asefaw


‘Telling our own stories and shaping our own narratives must be our top priority.”


Marymagdalene Debessai Asefaw was born in Asmara, Eritrea. The Founder of DESTA Media, a multilingual media company, and Founder of WAERO Women is an Investment Banker and Investor by profession. Marymagdalene has completed her Journalism course from the University of Arts London college of communications and has a Postgraduate Certificate in International leadership and Entrepreneurship from AWEC.

As part of Team 4, Marymagdalne has successfully worked with Google to add the Language Tigrinya, used by about ten million people in Eritrea and Ethiopia to be added to the Google Translate, which was very instrumental project to continue the legacy of Tigrigna as one of Indigenous languages of the world and enable effective communication between people around the world and Tigrigna speakers to help with transmission of knowledge while protecting cultural heritage, which is crucial and essential to the development of a global economy.

Marymagdalene has been a nominee for UK’s, Positive Role Model awards at the National Diversity Awards 2021 and has also won an Award from the African Centre of Development South Africa as a Media Icon in 2021.

Besides running her own business and philanthropist work through WAERO Women to partake in UN Sustainable Development Goal and Gender equality, Marymadgalene is also known as the main host of ‘The Mary Show’ the first Eritrean talk show in the Eritrean community in the diaspora. She is also a founder of Desta TV, a UK-registered Multilingual media company with over 5 million viewers globally. Since its establishment on 17th November 2016, as Mary Show and now DESTA TV on YouTube, Marymagdalene has been committed to producing and broadcasting various inspirational self-development programs in English, Tigrinya and Amharic under a program segment called ‘Africa Connect’ by bringing inspirational stories from Eastern, Western, Central, Northern and Southern Africa.


This is what people say about Teawete

Thank you very much for this presentation. I find much that I had thought was confirmed again and MUCH more information mentioned what makes perfect sense and also finally taught to the surface of knowledge. Quite a few have lost themselves through much misinformation and long for truth and clarity. Thank you for bringing this closer. Will watch everything again because it just felt so stimulating and pure. Thank you Esayas 🙏🏾


Thank you for your lecture about the linguistic relationship (Tigrinya) with the ancient Egyptians! I found your lecture and your findings very impressive and beautifully understandable presented. At the same time I have to process it and wonder why the science did not have this connection to the Tigrinya language in mind. Thank you for your efforts and tireless efforts to make this visible!!!!


Hi Esayas, thanks again for your work. I think you have discovered something special. Hopefully, current science will recognize your work or take it as an opportunity to rewrite history. We can’t imagine what positive consequences this would have for all of us! I hope little negative!
What do you say to the ARTE film : The secret of the hieroglyphs. From 51:24Minute it is shown how the French scientist decodes the word “Ramses” at that time. Compared to your work, this is almost a kind of comedy 😅
Anyway, you have opened my eyes!!! 🙏🏾
Many greetings


Esayas we can’t thank you enough. So much knowledge summarized in one hour, mind blowing. I know you’ve been working on this for a long time, questioning, interpreting ✨ I’m watching the video for the second time and have forwarded it several times. It’s traveling the web right now and making world history.


Greetings Esayas Hawey, kulu selam’dyu?

I just wanted to thank you for the extremely informative video on ancient Egypt. It put a lot of things in perspective and shed light on them. Aziye yimesgineka 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾



Yesterday Esayas shared with us years of research he did on the connection of Eritrea to old Egypt together with his father. Very inspiring and mindblowing!! Thank you!



Teawete Summit Program



Mary will introduce our speaker by telling the audience a bit about her journey how she got engaged with this topic through her own research.


Speech: The East-African Origin of The Ancient Egyptians

In his speech “The East-African Origin of The Ancient Egyptians” Esayas talks first about the creative methods he has learned in London which help him make unique and amazing discoveries in the East-Africana and Ancient Egyptian culture. Playfully, he deliveres countless parallels between his East-African Culture (Tigrigna) and the Ancient Egyptian culture. By reading and interpreting the world’s popular signs and symbols in the right way, Esayas challenges us to question conventions and use our own mind to understand things. In one hour, he presents 10 years of research in a systematic and easy to understand way.

Topics featured in his talk include:

The origin of East-African people
The Ancient Egyptian connection to East-Africans
The truth about the Ancient Egyptian culture
The powerlessness of science
The right name of Nefertiti
The right name of Tutankamun
The right name of Ramsis
The right name of Akhenaten
The right name of Horus
The right name of Sekhmet
The right name of Osiris
and countless other secrets of the Ancient Egyptians.



Since the discoveries Esayas has made shutter our understanding of many historical so called facts, they raise a lot questions regarding the origin of East African people and their culture. After his talk you have the chance to ask him your questions in a Q&A session.