Telling The Truth

“It is very very important to me that you keep in mind that the Egyptologists base their findings on Sir Ernest A. T. Wallis Budge and Jean-Francois Champollion. They can read 70% of the hieroglyphs correctly, but they don’t understand 99.99% of the hieroglyphs at all.

Because of the arrogance of science, most Egyptologist would NEVER admit that they do not understand anything at all, their guessing game has been sold as a fact to mankind for far too long. This has to change.

An Eritrean proverb says: “It is not how your mother sends you to the market (“Get some eggs honey”) but it is how the market is (“Mum, I found only milk at the market”).

When my intuition sent me to explore the market, I found things that had nothing to do with what I learned at school or university. It has completely destroyed my old view of reality.”

I have found facts carved in stone that are important not only for the people in Eritrea or Ethiopia, but for the whole world.”

Esayas Gebremedhin


I dug up corpses on the Internet to understand the anatomical connections between East-African people and the Ancient Egyptians. I also looked at countless statues in the British Museum as well as in the Berlin Museum Island. What I found over and over again was that the Ancient Egyptians looked like East-African and African people in general. They had our eyes, hair, lips and nose.



No matter if it is the striped stick, the fine fabric the women wore or some of the furniture and music instruments which the Ancient Egyptian used. There are still many similarities to be found in Africa from the distant past.

For example: Have you ever wondered why we are so obsessed with wearing a lot of gold?

How Our Language Survived

Celebrated by western society for their achievements and their distinct culture while being portrait as a wealthy and powerful kingdom in the Bible, Ancient Egypt was never fully understood as a culture. Interestingly, most brave European discoverers assumed the people and language of those habeshas being dead.

They are not.

For me, it’s funny and saddening to read what’s written in hieroglyphics in my mother tongue.

For example: scientists call the language of the Ancient Egyptian Mdw Ntr. Mdw Ntr however is written as Metzu Netere (They came, he jumped)

Today, scientists can read 70% of the hieroglyphics while understanding less than 0.1%.

Unintentionally, they have misinterpreted the words, names and sentences for almost 200 years now.

The reason is: no one knows that Tigrigna is even a language which could be compared to hieroglyphics. And on top, the writing system is quite challenging.

The Real Name of Nefertiti

She is the most famous Ancient Egyptian queen. Her name is known through-out the world, and yet her name is a complete misinterpretation and does not relate to any known language.

Esayas presents to you the real throne name of Nefertiti and it’s true meaning. You will be amazed and fascinated to find out the truth which has not been discovered for such a long time.

The Real Name of Ramsis

Ramsis is known to be one of the most famous and powerful leaders of the Ancient Egyptian era. His name is made of two words, Ra-Mesis. Egyptologist translate it “Ra is the one who bore him” which makes no sense. Esayas provides his true meaning, which he derived from his African mother tongue.

The Real Name of Tutankhamun

He became the most famous pharaoh of all time because thieves did not find his treasure for touasands of years. His name TUT – ANKH – AMUN is translated by Egyptologists as: “Living image of Aten”. This again makes no sense, and it is not even what is written in the hieroglyphs.

Esayas will show you how he found out his name, doing many months of research in hieroglyphs.